The first media text, promotion, refers to materials deliberately created to support the designed image of a star. Promotional material includes announcements, news releases, fan […]

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Juanita Bynums Soul Cry Is Very Real

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Success with the Apple’s iTunes Music Store has encouraged more licensing deals between music companies and a variety of legitimate online digital music services. According […]


Music Kept Me Sane While Away

I don’t get to travel a lot but when I do, I bring my music with me. I like all kinds of music from classical to hard rock but my favorite is alternative rock music and most of the acoustics. Do you take your music with you when you travel?

Music Made Me Travel

In my teen years, we don’t have the liberty to travel as a family because aside from money constraints, the family is technically where I was (and am to this date, LOL). After college, I had the chance to sing abroad and that was the very first time I get to travel outside my country. The language barrier hasn’t stopped me from making friends. And thanks to music, I haven’t experience being homesick.

Leaving home was heavy, I had to keep everything in place and organized. I had to make sure my car is kept safe and running when I come back. But thanks to how-to blogs and videos (and the help of my brother), I was able to keep my car safe (at least for three months). If you want to know more about how to store a car before going on a vacation, you can check WheelsMaestro.

Music Kept Me Sane While Away

Staying away from family is perhaps the most challenging for me. In my three-month stay in Japan, it was a challenge to get on a train, ride a bus, eat in a restaurant, and even place an order at McDonald’s. But the whole experience was totally great despite the language differences.

Although there are times that I get stressed out, my music kept me going. Japanese are very nationalistic so in my playlist, I included Japanese songs (that I learned while in there). It was a great experience because the old folks would sing along when the song is familiar. So eventually I included Enka music as well so that the audience can sing along with me too.

Heading Home

My last night in Japan was awesome. The management and staff of the hotel gave me a sayonara (goodbye) party. I was so touched that they have to go the extra mile for the balloons and flowers. And while I sang my last song, I have to hold back those tears (not really sure if those were tears of joy or excitement. it was a mixed feeling).

Looking back, the experience always makes me smile. If you are wondering if I pursued my singing career, I did for another two years. But after I settled down (got married) and had my firstborn, I decided to be a full-time mom and housewife. But no regrets, I still get to sing to my little one. I still have music in my life but at a whole different angle.

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Can Vacuum Noise Be A Sound of Music for Babies?

It is said that white noise from machines soothe baby to sleep as this become a daily singing routine for them. Examples of these machines are the vacuum cleaners and air purifiers. So, aside from keeping the environment clean and healthy for living, they also aid to put your baby on a good night rest. But does the noise from your vacuum can be a sound of music to the ears of your little one?

Based on a study conducted, appliances categorized as white noise machines are tested to identify the effect of the maximum noise level on baby’s hearing ability.

The result shows that machines producing white noise have maximum noise level of about 85 decibels. This level is equivalent to those noise produced by hair dryer, blender, or noise from a factory. However, hearing disturbance in adults is found to be a result of prolonged exposure to this kind of noise.

These noise guidelines are typically applicable for adults and may not be sufficiently moderate for infants. Although, it is hard to determine the amount of noise in which it is unsafe for the baby given the fact that those ICU for neonates and nurseries in most hospitals have a noise level of about 50 decibels. This is equivalent to a conversation mode in a relaxed setting.

Its connection to vacuum cleaners

Generally, the noise of a vacuum cleaner is averaging from a minimum of 65 up to 75 decibels. Luckily, there are vacuum cleaners that are of quieter type that only have lower than 60 decibels. You may click here to check for those models. However, this parameter does not meet the 50 decibel requirement in hospitals and NICUs.

Here are some recommendations extracted from the Pediatrics study in relation to the of vacuum cleaner as producer of white noise for babies.

1. Consider the distance from your baby

When using a vacuum cleaner, it is crucial to use it from a far distant from your baby. The bigger the space from your baby and the vacuum cleaner, the lower the volume your baby is exposed to white noise.

2. Vacuum cleaner’s volume

There are different types of vacuum cleaners in the market today. Each have different features and settings thus producing various noise levels. So better to check for this one prior to purchasing.

3. Duration of vacuum cleaning

Vacuum cleaning is not time specific. That’s why knowing that a short vacuuming period with the incorporation of volume and distance is really beneficial for the whole family.

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Choosing A Band Or DJ For Your Wedding Reception

When arranging a wedding, there are various factors to think through. For instance, one important factor to mull over is on wedding photography since your wedding photographs would be a perpetual memento of your wedding day for years to come and will be viewed by generations after you. Hence, it is critical to book the best and most reliable photographer.

Aside from the wedding photographer, another aspect to consider for your wedding day is the “fun factor.” It is then vital to have superb and fitting music and songs played on your wedding, whether you opt for a live band or a DJ. Below are a few things you ought to know when hiring a live band or a DJ:

  • Hours and Fee

Your budget will most likely be the determining factor if you are going to hire a band or a DJ. Typically, DJs are paid by the hour which begins at $100, whereas a band may charge about $2,000 to $6,000 for four hours and may also depend on the number of people in the band. But, you might save some money by means of negotiating on the number of performers or you could also go for an ensemble with a lesser number of musicians.

  • Search for Talent

To pin down an excellent DJ or band, begin by making inquiries or asking referrals from your reception manager, wedding coordinator, peers and family. For a more wide-ranging search, look into listings in local magazines or newspapers, or perhaps do a search online.

  • Try Them Out

Make a list of potential bands and/or DJs then agree to meet up with them for further queries such as the number of breaks they take and how long these breaks take. You could also ask, especially for bands, if they will be furnishing recorded music for them to be played for the duration of these interludes, ask about their policies and rates on overtime, and if they have a standby plan in case something goes wrong.

Ensure that all specifics are written in your contract. Furthermore, don’t agree to sign any contract without initially listening to their performance, whether live or on video. Some would even let you have a glimpse of the musicians playing during an actual wedding. Listen to the quality of the sound quality as well their style of performing and appearance.

  • Provide a Music List

Once booked, decide on music to be played during important moments such as your grand entrance, and your first and last dance. Provide a music list to give to your booked DJ or band giving them a  clear idea of which songs or music favors you.

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Why Music is Essential in Traveling

Importance of Music

Music has been part of our everyday lives. We listen to music while working, studying, cleaning the house, and traveling. This is because music eliminates boredom and helps us escape from reality in times of worries. Moreover, it also gives us this energy to finish an important task at the office or even at school. It helps us to focus on. We just have to put the earphones on and play our favorite music.

Music can also be linked to art since it is considered as a physical and emotional expression. People who find it hard to express their creativity through drawings, paintings, dancing, and singing, can express it through music or songwriting. This will be a great avenue since true emotions can be seen in the lyrics.

An emotional relationship is also established in music. If we feel sad, we just play love songs or slow songs, and if we are feeling happy, we will choose to play energetic songs. It has that kind of power.

How Music and Travel are Interrelated

Music is mostly used when traveling. If you will carefully observe people every time you commute from work/school to home, you will notice that passengers are wearing their earphones, headset, or wireless/Bluetooth headphones. It kills boredom and helps us relax after a long, tiring day.

With this, studies have shown that music and travel somehow go with each other almost all the time. It is very hard to actually avoid it.

According to interviews conducted with people who like to travel,  the one thing that is impossible for them to forget is their music device and earphones. When asked why they stated that music will make their journey a more memorable one by adding color to every place they go.

They also added that it is important to prepare a playlist. This should not be hard especially when there are already agencies that provide travel services. They will be the ones to manage everything, from the quotation of expenses, hotel booking, and flight booking. Quality services can be found in They know how much you are gonna need whether you are traveling for work or for leisure.

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Why People Listens to Love Songs

People of different ages only have one thing when it comes to music. Love songs.

You can say that it is okay to play the song over and over again on your iPad just as long as it’s Taylor swift’s Love Story. Or your anniversary song, wedding song or whatever that reminds you of love. Truth is it is easy to play a certain love song on repeat if it’s something that you love.

So today here’s why people are always into a love song. and why this genre never grows old and boring.

Love Songs Makes You Fall In Love

One of the main reasons certain songs resonate with us is the way we connect them with a part of ourselves. and that is an obvious point when you talk about love songs. It is like every love you feel in your heart resonates with you. It felt like the song is exactly for you, and for your loved one.

Not only that, but love songs also heals and makes you believe in falling again. However, I can think of two different approaches to your listener’s heart.

Sights and Sensations.

The way the desired one walks, the dizziness of infatuation, a kiss on the cheek, a lover’s touch… love is tactile and physical, and to hear about these pleasures is to almost experience them, either in memory or in imagination.

The Emotional States.

Feelings of nervousness, bliss, reassurance, safety, libido, longing, even obsession. Love is as powerful as a cocktail, and if you can summon these feelings in song, we will all come around to get drunk on your music and your words.

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