5 Safety Tips To Listen To Music While Biking

While I generally don’t live dangerously, there’s one habit I’ve got on my bike that a lot of might consider dangerous, or maybe stupid. I’m all for safety on the road, but boy do I really like paying attention to my favorite music while I ride.

Biking while listening to music


Don’t get me wrong—there are days after I make the selection to ride with only the sounds of my very own thoughts. I firmly believe there’s no better time to explore your emotions and sneak in an exceedingly little me-time than while on one of my fixie bikes.

Everyone knows that cyclists have to be ready to hear their surroundings to ride safely. If you’ve got both headphones in, you can’t hear the cars around you, the sounds of the road, or maybe other bikers yelling warnings at you.

Both headphones are definitely a foul idea. But are there other options?

Rocking Out on the Road

Assuming you’re not riding on a closed course where no other person could possibly get in your way, never hear music in an exceedingly way that forestalls you from hearing things around you.

Whether you’re touring, commuting, or going for a fast joy ride, here are some ways you’ll hear music without compromising your safety.


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1. Leave One Headphone Out

This is how I roll. I’ve got a straightforward pair of earbuds that I connect before my ride, and that I get my playlist ready before I even grab my bike. Then, I stick the proper headphone in order that my open ear is that the one that faces the road.

I have never had any problems with this. I can hear cars approaching behind me, and that I can hear other cyclists after they warn me that they’re passing on my left. It’s really no different than taking note of music within the car.

2. Keep the amount (Way) Down

Like I said, safety on your bike is all about being conscious of your surroundings. It’s totally possible to stay your music’s volume low enough that you just can still hear everything around you, but you would like to use your best judgment.

You won’t understand how loud too loud is until you’re out on the road. If you would like to regulate the quantity while you’re riding, pull all the way off the road before stopping. Never make adjustments while you ride. Sometimes I see people texting while they bike within the city, and that I wonder what their moms would say.

3. Keep The Music Playing Near Your Head

This sounds weird initially, but it’s an extremely great way to listen to music while you ride casually without covering your ears. If you have got a collection of normal headphones that aren’t earbuds, turn your music all the far and keep them around your neck.

I’d play the music from it at full volume so I could hear it. I hated it.

4. Mount Portable Speakers

They are available in many shapes and sizes, and that they are usually under $50.

They’re not all that uncommon on tours. They’re loud enough so the rider can hear them but quiet enough so other riders don’t seem to be disturbed.

5. Attach a Boombox to your Cargo Rack

This option is more for people that are touring in groups. If your whole crew wants to listen to identical music while you stay together traveling, one in all you ought to mount a boombox or radio to the rear of their bike.

Because boomboxes are so loud, this feature isn’t good for commuters. You would possibly actually even get a ticket for being a distraction to other drivers. However, paying attention to the identical music with the people you’re touring with will be fun, and it’ll bring you all at once.

As a recap, these are your basic options if you would like to pay attention to your favorite jams on the road:

  • Use only 1 headphone
  • Keep the amount low
  • Play the music from a tool near your head
  • Mount speakers to your handlebars
  • Attach a boombox to your rack

No matter which option you decide on, the foremost important thing is that you just stay alert and don’t let the music distract you on your ride. Rather like when you’re in your car, you wish to bear in mind the least bit times.