Can music boost store sales?

Background music has shown to increase sales in your business. It is important that this is carefully selected and not set too loudly. Music that’s too loud in the store is pretty annoying and unpleasant for your customers. It makes sense to ensure that small boxes are distributed everywhere when the shop is set up so that soft tones can be heard throughout the shop at the end.

Music in the store-what kind of music is appropriate for it?

Any business today can do without the promotion of music. The reason is that most people feel in total silence uncomfortable. If your customers are not comfortable with your business, buy less or not at all. The ideal background music for retail can therefore stimulate the desire to shop.

  • Majority of your consumer is primarily consists of young and old customers.
  • Selecting music in the store based on your products / store furnishings
  • Selecting music in the store based on events

Promotional music straight from the specialist

There are companies that specialize in the perfect combination of songs for a wide variety of industries. You put together titles that turn shopping into an experience for your customers.

The careful selection of the promotional background music retail is mainly reflected in the fact that it can take several weeks to finalize the playlist for your company. In return, you will then also receive one or more lists that are ideal for you, your shop fittings or shop fittings , your products and your customers – whatever the season.

Music in business: data and facts

If you are still unsure whether music in stores is really good for sales, we would like to present a study that should remove even the last doubt. A   study on the use of music in shops that we would not like to withhold from you. The data recorded there are definitely interesting for retailers. For example, the result was that:

  • Customers spend an average of 5.27 minutes in a store with music playing. Almost 2 minutes longer than in a shop that does without background music
  • around 18 percent of customers bought one or more items in a store with promotional music. In stores without music, the proportion of customers who were keen to buy was only 10 percent.
  • In shops that include music as part of the basic equipment in their shop fittings, customers spent an average of 6.34 euros.

Video Marketing: Using the right music to boost sales


Bottom line: music leads to more purchases and higher sales

With carefully selected music in the store, you increase your customers’ desire to buy and ensure that they feel comfortable. You stay longer in your shop and are more willing to spend money than in retail shops without background music. It is important that the music played for shops matches your target group, your products and your shop fittings. In addition, it should not be played too loudly, otherwise your customers may feel disturbed. If you are unsure about the choice, we recommend looking for a specialist who will put together playlists that are perfectly tailored to your company and your clientele and also you can talking to the best ‘seo malaysia’ they will help you Increase your Revenue By Outranking Your Competitors.