Music Generates Stress Free Environment in Vet Hospitals

In a vet hospital, the main priority is always to minimize the stress levels of its patients. On the other hand, this is typically overlooked. While it’s impossible to achieve a no-stress environment especially among guinea pigs that are in their guinea pig cage, being able to understand how to create that “low stress” environment and handling animals in less stressful manner can benefit staffs, the hospital and the above everything else, the patients itself.

There are a lot of veterinary practitioners who believe that attaining a low-stress environment is so time-consuming and difficult to achieve. But this isn’t the case. With simple approaches like playing a relaxing music background, minimizing patient stress can be achieved in all practices and facilities.

In this article, you’ll learn some simple steps on how this can be done. Keep reading to take advantage of every tip possible.

Learn the Difference between the Two

Anxiety and Fear are two different things. For veterinary staffs, it is essential to learn and understand the distinction between these two.

This can help in reducing incidence of fear within the clinic. Even though it shares a lot of physiologic responses, animals that do experience anxiety and fear often can’t escape from the stimuli and would suffer from stress as well as its effects.

Fear is a very normal behavior. This is an emotional response that takes place when the animal sees a dangerous situation and adapt when it can help them escape from a really dangerous situation. On the other hand, anxiety is more of the anticipation of danger that might be imagined, unknown or real.

As a matter of fact, chronic anxiety is deemed to be an abnormal behavior and maybe a serious concern in the animal’s welfare in a continual state of anxiety.

Why Design it with Humans in Mind than Animals Themselves?

Non-human animals don’t see the world as how we see it. They hear, experience and see their surroundings in a totally different way. Still, veterinary hospitals are designed with humans in mind and not essentially on their patients. By keeping these differences into account can significantly help with regards to designing a low-stress environment.