Health Insurance Coverage: Does Music Therapy Belongs?

Music therapy progresses popularly as an integrated service for people seeking mental health therapies. Basically, they are linked with other healthcare service providers to improve the quality of life.

Through music therapy, one may able to express their feelings, thoughts, and opinions. The sounds and the rhythm of the work have the ability to reflect the current mood of the person. Moreover, the good thing about music therapy is that experience in music is not necessarily needed to take advantage of the service.

Music Therapy and Its Definition

Music therapy involves a number of exposure to different kinds of sounds. A session with a professional music therapist involves activities like instrument playing, recording, or singing. Generally, music therapy helps to elicit one’s emotion and recall memories of patients by usually replying to the music that they hear.

Music is a soothing activity that can alleviates anxiety and stress.

Music therapists are available to play musical instruments where expressing one’s self by rhythm, volume, and tempo is utilized. Despite of the absence of music knowledge or do not know how to write a melody, one can able to harmonize with music therapist.

Health Insurance and Music Therapy

The Affordable Care Act or ACA arranged the important health benefits of medical plans which include the use of mental health and substance disorder services. Meaning, health insurance compliant to ACA can cover treatments for mental disturbances like therapies and drugs provided the following:

Licensed practitioners

In case that the costs for music therapies are covered by the insurance company, the health plan do not include the coverage of practitioners who provide music treatment to outpatient site. On the other hand, the cost for this type of creative therapy may be reimbursed in case the provider is a licensed psychologist or psychiatrist.

Referral to the necessary medical health requirement

Usually, the process of reimbursement is that health insurance providers re-evaluate the said reparation. However, this is, particularly on a case-by-case basis. For the purpose of covering the music therapy session, it must need to be recognized as medically needed.