Is Music Streaming Platforms Killing Artists?

Among the biggest controversies that are buzzing around the music industry is whether or not music streaming platforms and services are benefiting the artists. While as for listeners, it certainly is, especially the fact that they can use discounts from Silocoupon to make additional savings, business is still business and artists want to have a fair share of the action.

Let us try to decipher if this is something that should push through.

Reason number 1. It’s a platform where people are listening.

This is fairly simple. Whether or not you support streaming services are where fans and people are listening most of their music. It’s something that you cannot win against. Streaming services have grown exponentially in terms of popularity and now, it’s becoming the main source of music listening among consumers.

It is imperative to accept and embrace the fact that streaming services would only keep growing in the years to come. Being an artist you are, you must learn to adapt on changes.

Besides, it gives artists with easier access in putting their music to fans and for fans, to have access to the best music there is!

Reason number 2. Music Piracy No More!

Here’s a thing that you have to accept and for sure, you’ve done it once in your life; you’ve tried to get music for free. These streaming services on the other hand provide a solution in ending music piracy by paying artists to upload their music in their platform. Unlike with pirating music, artists are paid with nothing.

Reason number 3. Easier Distribution

Since the inception of iTunes way back in 2002, it significantly changed the landscape of music industry. Major labels aren’t longer in control of the distribution and pushing out the top music of the season. Distribution used to be costly before but since artists are relying less on labels in producing physical copies of their work, then it has become simpler to distribute their music. In other words, it becomes easier as well for people to listen to their music, be popular and expand their fan base.

Yes, it is true that there may still be pitfalls in using music streaming services but with these good points alone, it can be justified. After all, there is always a compromise on everything.