Lighting Techniques In Music Videos

There are diverse types of lights for different purposes. For instance in the industry of interior design,  a pendant light, which is at times called drop lights, is a single lighting fixture that hangs or suspends from the ceiling typically by a chain, cord, or metal bar. They could be hanged in multiples or lone over countertops of kitchen, dining table, or the bathroom. Check out pendant lights Brisbane.

Lighting and Music

In the industry of music and film, there are certain lights used in movies and music videos. The setup of lighting in the production of film and could be very daunting to a novice film and music video maker.

The numerous members of the crew moving about as well as the number of costly professional lighting setups have convinced huge number of aspiring creatives that film making or creating music videos necessitates  a huge number of crew members, equipment, and of course money.

This however isn’t a problem since one could have cinematic lighting some lights as well as some ingenious techniques.

Select a Mien for your Music Video

You have to firstly identify the appearance you want with your project. Not only will this let you to identify what you require but to also make an inventory of things you already have. If you are working with only one or two individuals with one to three lights, it will provide you a better concept of what to create.

Make Use of Complementary Colors to Harmonize your Music Video

Don’t withhold on colors. Frequently as a filmmaker, music videos provide a rare chance for you to experiment with new things, particularly in terms of lighting and color usage. Make your lighting and colors dynamic. Put to application a few simple theories of colors, such as the use of complementary colors, for your pictures to pop.

Be Imaginative when Illuminating your Music Video

When operating with less, it is crucial for you to get inventive and creative with what you have, especial with the usage of equipment. Even if you only have a few lights, you could still produce numerous looks that are remarkable and professional-looking by means of color gels, diffusion material, or cookies. If you have no lights at all, make use of the sun by shooting your music video outdoors.