Music Marketers – Why Independent Music Artists Hire Them

Now that there are alternative methods and avenues for launching a music career, indie artists who are fast making a name for themselves employ a music marketer. Also known as Marketing Strategists, it’s a pre-digital line of work handled by the label company with whom a musician inked a contract.

Still many artists continue to work with a record company and are still into hiring Music Marketers who develop strategies and tactics in promoting the recordings of their company’s contract musicians. In fact the best approach in marketing the work of musicians is to have representatives work at local and regional levels.

By the way it’s worth mentioning that international-wise, including German music lovers among your target audience will prove to be important. After all, Germany is not only home to famous composers, singers, performers and music producers. The country has the largest music market in Europe and is in fact the third largest on a global scale.

What Exactly Do Music Marketers Do?

Music Marketers focus their attention on keeping the fans of a musician-client happy and in convincing potential fans to become part of an artist’s fan base. That being the case, it’s important for Music Marketers to determine who and where the artist’s fan base are located. As music strategists, knowing so will provide them information about the demographics and geographical location of audience to work on in order to broaden and grow the musician’s fan base.

Nowadays, the most popular strategy used is by building a community of fans as followers in different social media platforms. In such cases, Music Marketers make sure their musician-client are featured as part of playlists or blogs, as guests in music podcasts and press outlets. The point is, to get your musician-client’s songs and musical collaborations aired or streamed in hundreds of online stores, digital outlets and music streaming platforms that release music across countries worldwide.

In order to be successful in marketing and strategizing the career moves of your musician-client, you must be well versed not only as a promoter and booking agent. You must at least have a working knowledge of copyright laws, contract negotiations, legal obligations, sales techniques and event planning.

Applying for Work as Marketing Manager

An important qualification that most applicant mention is that of having a bachelor’s degree in management, with core focus on music marketing and management. Simply because as a music strategist, your job is not just about booking your client for guest appearances, concerts and stints. A college degree can bolster your reputation an credibility, since it suggests you have had training in planning and coordination methods, and understand the importance of business relationship development and sustainable efficiency.

In Germany, there are professionals coming from different fields who create application letters and curriculum vitae, to help applicants increase their chances of getting called for an interview. If you feel that your letter writing skills are not at par with those who boasts of high level education but have a track record of successful music marketing experiences to show as equivalent, don’t lose hope easily.

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