Music while studying – useful or irritating?

Music can definitely improve a person’s performance. This has been proven scientifically especially with tasks that are repetitive like working in the post office or on a conveyor belt in the industry. However, this knowledge can only be related to learning to a limited extent because you are not working, but learning math, for example. Music can also when I write my assignment.

What to consider when studying with music

Music without language

While studying, the music you hear should not have lyrics. Or else, you will be lured quickly to pay attention to the words, although the language is not familiar to you. There is less risk of being distracted from your studies with instrumental music.

No emotional music

When choosing your music, keep in mind that music has a direct effect on your emotions, i.e. on your emotional world. Therefore, you should not listen to songs while studying that particularly touch you – be it positive or negative. Avoid music that can make you nervous or even angry and aggressive or reminds you of miserable experiences.

No advertising

As you study, make sure that you don’t get sidetracked by pointless advertisements. With the radio and numerous popular music streaming services, news or advertisements are inserted repeatedly. This definitely distracts you from studying and should definitely be avoided.

Beat similar to the heartbeat

The speed of music should be measured based on the “beats per minute”. It is often suggested when studying to select music that has a similar speed to that of the human heart.  You would have exactly this suggested speed with slower music with 56 to 64 beats per minute.

Plan a playlist

You should produce a playlist beforehand so that you don’t have to search for every song to be played next. In general, it doesn’t have to be music in the form of songs.  Ambient noises from nature and sounds of nature also have a very soothing effect. You may include background noise such as animal noises, rain, waves, and water droplets.

Music can distract you from studying and be counterproductive but it could also be beneficial. The music being played should then have a calm tempo and a relaxed volume.