Truckers’ Music : Keeping the Volume Low to Stay Safe

heavy duty tow trucks Drivers of tow truck san jose towing companies hire know that driving with music turned up too loud is an irresponsible behavior because blasting sounds can distract. Driving with loud music makes some people feel alive and alert, feeling like they’re on top of the world.
However, not many motorists know that playing loud music is against driving rules and regulations because doing so can increase the risks of incurring vehicular accidents.

Professional truck drivers are trained not to adopt such practice when driving. Mainly because studies conducted on the dangers of driving with loud music, had shown that doing so can adversely affect a driver’s reaction time. It increases the risks of failing to dodge or avoid an obstacle, while also increasing the possibility of not stepping on the brake on time.

Actually, truck drivers are prohibited from having or engaging in other distractions like eating while driving, using their cellphone or doing activities that make a driver take his eyes off the road while reaching for something.

What Do Truck Drivers Listen To While Driving

Listening to music while driving is allowed but only on a moderate level of volume. Health experts say that sounds at 70 decibels or below are safe for hearing, being the normal sound level of conversations between two persons.
Every truck driver has his or her own preferences for music and not the general notion that all truckers are into country music most of the time.

fenale truck driverDepending on the driving conditions and his mood, a trucker’s choices of music include classic rock, heavy metal, rap, pop and alternative but rarely soft rock or jazz being the relaxing kind of music that could lead to drowsiness. Generally, truckers tune in to their favorite radio station to fight boredom while driving alone on the road.

”Truckin” – Iconic Trucker Song Recognized as a National Treasure

While there are songs that are specifically associated with the trucking world, one of the most iconic and widely-liked trucker songs is “Truckin” by The Grateful Dead. It was first recorded as one of the songs in the 1970 album, American Beauty, until it became popular enough to be cut and recorded as a single. The song had a long lasting impact on the lives of people during the 70s era, specifically truck drivers. In 1997, it earned recognition as a national treasure from the United States Library of Congress.

Although the “Truckin” lyrics referred to the band’s lifestyle of living life on the road as a travelling band, it has a universal appeal. The chorus referred to life in general, while the phrase describing the band’s tour as a long and strange one became iconic. It came into use to mean difficult and long journeys.