Understanding Australian music

Although Australia is far from everyone and everything, various music companies and artists have made a name for themselves in the world. The Australian Chamber Orchestra is a highly valued chamber orchestra, opera singer Joan Sutherland is a legend in the opera world and pop star Kylie Monique sells millions of albums worldwide.

Didgeridoo Meets Orchestra

Australian music today shows a remarkable variety. Thanks to post-war immigration, you can hear the influence of many cultures that live in Australia in music. For example, the guitar playing of Slava Grigoryan, born in Kazakhstan, echoes the influence of Argentine tango and Brazilian boss ANOVA, while the Australian Art Orchestra collaborates with renowned musicians from South India.

Over the years, Australian music groups have earned artists a good reputation. The Australian Chamber Orchestra was voted the best chamber orchestra in the world. The capitals of the states each have their own professional symphonic orchestra.

Opera Australia, the national company, is the third busiest opera company in the world. It is home to the spectacular Sydney Opera House. The legacies of opera legends such as Dame Nellie Melba and Joan Sutherland have been passed down to. Australians are also one of the most loyal opera visitors in the world. They can enjoy as many as 300 performances a year.

Australian music theater is a uniquely creative blend of musical and theater traditions. This has led to a wide variety of works: from The Boy from Oz to the bold imaginative works of the Chamber Made Opera. With his version of La Bohème in Broadway in 2002, director Baz Luhrmann received an enthusiastic welcome.

Over the past decades, a totally original style of contemporary Australian rock music has emerged that does well both in small rural towns and larger centers. Australian bands and musicians can count on the support of the national youth radio channel Triple J, which actively promotes young Australian talent, and the annual Rock Eisteddfod.

Australian rock and pop success stories such as Silverchair and Kylie Minogue open doors for new artists such as Ben Lee and Kasey Chambers. Australian hip-hop can also count on a growing enthusiasm.

Here’s a little music fun fact

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