Why Male Musicians are More Attractive

Have you ever seen a scenario in a movie when a female falls head over heels for a guy who can sing, or at a concert where women swoon and applaud heartily as a boy band does their stage finale? Being a guy myself, I’ve always been curious what the magic these men with musical backgrounds must have used to captivate girls’ hearts.

Here are a few explanations for why some women found the music played by male artists to be captivating and engaging especially the best black man beards trends.

1. They’re imaginative

Guys who perform music tend to be driven and crave individuality. They take the risk to explore and test out novel concepts. Anywhere and at any moment, even drumming on a coffee table or even singing in the shower, they can find their muse. They have the capacity to inspire others and give value to seemingly little words.

2. They foster a positive environment

Everyone has at least one male acquaintance who is mildly musically inclined and who always carries an instrument (often a guitar) with him. He could play the guitar for a short while, and then invite everyone to gather around and sing along to the music.

3. They possess emotional intelligence.

Guys who play the guitar typically perform songs that have personal significance for them. Women get to see a part of guys that most men typically do not display when they genuinely see a guy play an instrument. It helps ladies understand what truly moves them or inspires them to play a certain music.

4. They simply possess greater attractiveness than other males.

Despite the superficial truth of the remark, a recent study found that women find male faces more beautiful when they are primed with music. This outcome was demonstrated by an experiment on women that two scientists from the University of Vienna in Austria carried out. After listening to several instrumental compositions, women were asked to judge the beauty of men with neutral facial expressions. The findings show that they are more inclined to find the males in the images to be attractive and may even consider dating them.