Are You A Musical Cleaner?

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Cleaning While Listening To Music 

While cleaning the house is a daunting task for many, these could be enjoyed with some background music. And since you enjoy the task at hand you will finish them much quicker.

Music, as we all know, has been proven to present listeners positive benefits as well as influence one’s mood, focus, productivity, memory and learning.

As per a survey by Jelmar, 80% of Americans reported that they listen to music as they do their cleaning. But, the upbeat tunes does not only help in making the scrubbing and dusting go by quickly. 94% of the participants said that they had a more positive feelings and moods which is linked with listening to music as they go about their cleaning tasks. Furthermore, 66% reported that listening to music even made their cleaning duties more enjoyable. If that then is the circumstance, we should play or favorite tunes and pump the volume up.

The survey also discovered that 85% of parents tend to be musical cleaners whereas 77% of musical cleaners are non-parents. Moreover, 92% of musical cleaners were under 40 years of age and 65% were over 40 years old. 52% of musical cleaners reported to have either a music playlist for cleaning or the it necessary for them to listen to music while they do their cleaning routine.

These numbers are incredible. But what makes it more remarkable is that its effects are contagious as well. The survey also discovered that 33% of parents who are musical cleaners were more likely to persuade their children or other members of the household to help in cleaning.