How EPs Increases Artist’s Exposure?

EP means Extended Play Record or just Extended Play in the music industry. This is basically a compilation of songs that are made for promotional use as well as covers in middle ground between the artist’s full-length album and their single. EPs are typically 4 to 6 songs in length and made generally using the original tracks that the artist has not released.

What’s its Used?

Musicians are releasing EPs for wide variety of purposes but they’re often used as a promotional tool in growing the fan base. EPs frequently introduce new artists and bands and either to help in promoting a tour or keeping people’s interests alive to the artist. At the same time, this is being used as incentives and giveaways for joining the artist or band’s mailing list or when helping to sell concert tickets.

Additional Reasons for Using EPs

EPs may just be the solution that an artist needs when planning to release something aside form a comprehensive song but has no resources to afford studio time to record their full-length album. Additionally, there are musicians who are using EPs in experimenting new style or genre of their music or perhaps, simply because they like to dabble less in the commercial sounds rather than into their full-length album feature.

Aside from that, these EPs are used too in releasing the B-side of hit songs and even unreleased tracks that were cut prior the release of the full-length album.

Marketing and Distribution

One of the places that you can actually use in releasing an EP is directly from your website. While it may not be as advanced as you think, so long as it looks professional and update it on a regular basis, it will be a great place in uploading EPs.

Social Media

Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are the 3 giants in the world of social media. This can be an artist’s key in reaching success as they can use it easily in promoting and marketing their EP. Aside from fans, music bloggers and music industry professionals are constantly using social media platforms to interact with each other and their clients. Besides, it is so effective that other businesses like شركة نظافة بالبخار بجدة are using it for their marketing campaigns as well. So do whatever you can to master its basics.