Customizing Your TikTok Account Through Music

Actually, adding sounds on your TikTok video entails very easy steps. However, you are not allowed to incorporate your own music on your TikTok account. The good thing is there is a selection of music on TikTok’s library, voiceovers, and sounds.

TikTok already permits its users to share short videos about humor, dance, and music.

TikTok is a social media platform that was originally launched as “”. This is like the Vine app but lip-syncing is more prominent on TikTok. Moreover, like in YouTube, a short video with around 60 seconds length had been used.

There are actually lots of musicians who make use of TikTok as their avenue to be famous for their music. Examples of them are Lil Nas X, Lizzo, and Ambjaay. Actually, incorporating music on your TikTok account is a great way to gain fans. Moreover, this is also a way to promote their music. To know more about growing your fans on TikTok check gbhackers.

Basically, there are two options available to add music on your TikTok account. First is to select existing music on the platform or make use of a third-party app to add music on the video

Adding sounds on TikTok video within the platform: 

Below is the step-by-step procedure on how to incorporate existing sound built within the app

1. Normally record video

Just do a simple video recording. After reviewing your recorded video, click the “Sounds” button on the bottom left portion of the video.

2. Select song

From the already existing list of songs, choose the song that you want. Moreover, click the “More” button at the start in order to extract the full menu list of music. Select a famous soundtrack or look for your choice of music through the “More” menu.

3. Click and drag soundwaves

Generally, within the bottom going to the left or right portion, simply click and drag the soundwave image. Afterwards, select the best song part that you like to incorporate within your video. Once finished, click the checkmark icon.

4. Final touch

In case you are already satisfied with the music choice, just follow the notification prompts in order to finish video uploading.