Choosing A Band Or DJ For Your Wedding Reception

When arranging a wedding, there are various factors to think through. For instance, one important factor to mull over is on wedding photography since your wedding photographs would be a perpetual memento of your wedding day for years to come and will be viewed by generations after you. Hence, it is critical to book the best and most reliable photographer.

Aside from the wedding photographer, another aspect to consider for your wedding day is the “fun factor.” It is then vital to have superb and fitting music and songs played on your wedding, whether you opt for a live band or a DJ. Below are a few things you ought to know when hiring a live band or a DJ:

  • Hours and Fee

Your budget will most likely be the determining factor if you are going to hire a band or a DJ. Typically, DJs are paid by the hour which begins at $100, whereas a band may charge about $2,000 to $6,000 for four hours and may also depend on the number of people in the band. But, you might save some money by means of negotiating on the number of performers or you could also go for an ensemble with a lesser number of musicians.

  • Search for Talent

To pin down an excellent DJ or band, begin by making inquiries or asking referrals from your reception manager, wedding coordinator, peers and family. For a more wide-ranging search, look into listings in local magazines or newspapers, or perhaps do a search online.

  • Try Them Out

Make a list of potential bands and/or DJs then agree to meet up with them for further queries such as the number of breaks they take and how long these breaks take. You could also ask, especially for bands, if they will be furnishing recorded music for them to be played for the duration of these interludes, ask about their policies and rates on overtime, and if they have a standby plan in case something goes wrong.

Ensure that all specifics are written in your contract. Furthermore, don’t agree to sign any contract without initially listening to their performance, whether live or on video. Some would even let you have a glimpse of the musicians playing during an actual wedding. Listen to the quality of the sound quality as well their style of performing and appearance.

  • Provide a Music List

Once booked, decide on music to be played during important moments such as your grand entrance, and your first and last dance. Provide a music list to give to your booked DJ or band giving them a  clear idea of which songs or music favors you.