Can Vacuum Noise Be A Sound of Music for Babies?

It is said that white noise from machines soothe baby to sleep as this become a daily singing routine for them. Examples of these machines are the vacuum cleaners and air purifiers. So, aside from keeping the environment clean and healthy for living, they also aid to put your baby on a good night rest. But does the noise from your vacuum can be a sound of music to the ears of your little one?

Based on a study conducted, appliances categorized as white noise machines are tested to identify the effect of the maximum noise level on baby’s hearing ability.

The result shows that machines producing white noise have maximum noise level of about 85 decibels. This level is equivalent to those noise produced by hair dryer, blender, or noise from a factory. However, hearing disturbance in adults is found to be a result of prolonged exposure to this kind of noise.

These noise guidelines are typically applicable for adults and may not be sufficiently moderate for infants. Although, it is hard to determine the amount of noise in which it is unsafe for the baby given the fact that those ICU for neonates and nurseries in most hospitals have a noise level of about 50 decibels. This is equivalent to a conversation mode in a relaxed setting.

Its connection to vacuum cleaners

Generally, the noise of a vacuum cleaner is averaging from a minimum of 65 up to 75 decibels. Luckily, there are vacuum cleaners that are of quieter type that only have lower than 60 decibels. You may click here to check for those models. However, this parameter does not meet the 50 decibel requirement in hospitals and NICUs.

Here are some recommendations extracted from the Pediatrics study in relation to the of vacuum cleaner as producer of white noise for babies.

1. Consider the distance from your baby

When using a vacuum cleaner, it is crucial to use it from a far distant from your baby. The bigger the space from your baby and the vacuum cleaner, the lower the volume your baby is exposed to white noise.

2. Vacuum cleaner’s volume

There are different types of vacuum cleaners in the market today. Each have different features and settings thus producing various noise levels. So better to check for this one prior to purchasing.

3. Duration of vacuum cleaning

Vacuum cleaning is not time specific. That’s why knowing that a short vacuuming period with the incorporation of volume and distance is really beneficial for the whole family.