Music Kept Me Sane While Away

I don’t get to travel a lot but when I do, I bring my music with me. I like all kinds of music from classical to hard rock but my favorite is alternative rock music and most of the acoustics. Do you take your music with you when you travel?

Music Made Me Travel

In my teen years, we don’t have the liberty to travel as a family because aside from money constraints, the family is technically where I was (and am to this date, LOL). After college, I had the chance to sing abroad and that was the very first time I get to travel outside my country. The language barrier hasn’t stopped me from making friends. And thanks to music, I haven’t experience being homesick.

Leaving home was heavy, I had to keep everything in place and organized. I had to make sure my car is kept safe and running when I come back. But thanks to how-to blogs and videos (and the help of my brother), I was able to keep my car safe (at least for three months). If you want to know more about how to store a car before going on a vacation, you can check WheelsMaestro.

Music Kept Me Sane While Away

Staying away from family is perhaps the most challenging for me. In my three-month stay in Japan, it was a challenge to get on a train, ride a bus, eat in a restaurant, and even place an order at McDonald’s. But the whole experience was totally great despite the language differences.

Although there are times that I get stressed out, my music kept me going. Japanese are very nationalistic so in my playlist, I included Japanese songs (that I learned while in there). It was a great experience because the old folks would sing along when the song is familiar. So eventually I included Enka music as well so that the audience can sing along with me too.

Heading Home

My last night in Japan was awesome. The management and staff of the hotel gave me a sayonara (goodbye) party. I was so touched that they have to go the extra mile for the balloons and flowers. And while I sang my last song, I have to hold back those tears (not really sure if those were tears of joy or excitement. it was a mixed feeling).

Looking back, the experience always makes me smile. If you are wondering if I pursued my singing career, I did for another two years. But after I settled down (got married) and had my firstborn, I decided to be a full-time mom and housewife. But no regrets, I still get to sing to my little one. I still have music in my life but at a whole different angle.