Fundamentals of Music that makes it Unique

It doesn’t matter if you are using to get better deals on musical instruments from overseas or already practicing for quite some time. Most probably, you know little about harmony, melody and beat. While it is true that countless of people have heard of these terms, still some are struggling to differentiate even the basic musical elements which are rhythm and tempo.

Establishing what You Feel about Music

Tempo in simple words is how slow or fast a given piece of music is being performed. Rhythm on the other hand is the placement of the sounds in time in repeated and regular pattern. Generally speaking, tempo is being measured by the number of beats per minute or BPM whereas the beat is the basic measurement of time in music. Then again in rhythm, it may be thought of as music patterns in time.

Well basically when it comes to music, rhythm is one of the most important elements. The differences in rhythmic structure are what giving character in the different genres and styles of music being played. The rhythmic structure can’t be separated from the basic beat like series of eighth notes or a quarter note or even time. These said elements are in fact crucial in determining the music’s rhythm. Not only that, similar rhythm is being produced no matter what the speed of the music is being played.

With regards to tempo though, it is contributing to overall feel of music whether it is trying to induce excitement, thrill, sadness, setting a mood and everything in between.

Change in Tempo is Change in the Music’s Mood

Then, there is the genre or style. This is the piece of music that is being determined by several factors which include the kinds of patterns and sounds used as well as the tempo. For sure, you already have idea of the song’s genre after hearing it by just basing it on your music experience. Following are the common tempo ranges for typical genres streamed and played:

  • Techno or trance: 120-140 bpm
  • Drum and bass: 160-180 bpm
  • Dubstep: 135-145 bpm
  • Hip-hop: 60-100 bpm
  • House: 115-130 bpm
  • Dub: 60-90 bpm

As tempo is adjusted while the beat is being played, listen carefully how it is changing its character even if it has the same pattern.