Top YouTube Channels To Learn About Music Theory

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If you are seeking to find music theory on the internet afterward there are a lot of fantastic choices. You’ll find tonnes of fantastic music theory classes which it is possible to begin out of the comfort of your house. Or some fantastic music concept programs to examine on the move with your mobile cell phone.

One excellent place to dip your toe to studying music theory would be based on YouTube. There are tons of movie creators who’ve entire channels specializing in assisting you to read music and know what’s really happening.

However, fast youtube research on audio concept yields an absolutely enormous number of outcomes. More than 17 million. Somewhat daunting if you are not certain where to get started. You are able to see how it would be quite easy to become lost in the absolute size of movies to pick from.

I have been seeing lots of these within the previous few months, and I have narrowed down a very wonderful collection of music concept youtube channels that are really worth checking out or might be a great beginning point.

Locating The Ideal Music Theory Organizing On YouTube

As with locating a music instructor in actual life, you have to locate somebody who’s a fantastic match for you.

Every music teacher differs and will describe things in their own manner.

Some may go too slow to others or you may race through specific issues.

Because of this, it is probably worth looking for some of the various stations to determine which suits you the best.

One thing to say though about studying music theory about youtube.

It is really excellent to get to grips with the essentials of music theory.

And it is a wonderful resource to leap in and from particular topics you want to top up your knowledge about.

However, if you are seeking to locate somebody who takes you step-by-step all you want to understand to get an ABRSM examination you may struggle to locate somebody.

The majority of the stations will probably jump around a little across subjects and they might clarify some more intricate music theory you likely won’t have to understand about to your earlier grades.

To get something that is step by step, then you would probably be better off locating an internet music theory class or obtaining a music concept study manual with videos you can watch and even download using

But these YouTube stations will allow you up to speed on the principles.

YouTube stations that I enjoy

Enough chit-chat. Let us look at a few of the choices.

Dave Conservatoire

A fantastic place to begin is around at Dave Conservatoire.

With more than 250 videos covering all of the audio theory subjects you can consider, I am almost sure there is going to be a movie for you.

Also as all of the simple audio theory videos, it also covers some more advanced music theory along with other subjects such as utilizing Muse rating that’s a completely totally free audio notating program, and improvisation.

Music Theory Guy

We have just one of my favorite channels on studying music theory out of music instructor Stephen Wiles.

He describes things very easily and you could tell he has been a music coach for quite a while.

A major selection of videos around all of the basic topics.

In addition, the audio and audio quality is great and the animations and examples work well also.


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I truly enjoyed seeing this chap’s audio courses.

He is somewhat eccentric but understands what he is talking about and using more than 50 movies on music theory he has actually put some effort within these videos.

The drawback is the quality of the movies is very bad and they do not have good lighting.

They are also aren’t tagged nicely so that you can not see exactly what the movie is all about by the name that’s rather annoying.

However, definitely worth a visit since he is a fantastic teacher.

Music Things

Music Things is a site and youtube station assemble by Gareth Green and Alex Shore.

They have a streak of premium audio theory classes taking one step by step through every tier.

Their YouTube station though is filled with plenty of free movies and snippets out of his classes he presents as hints.

They have videos scales and arpeggios in addition to makeup, aural, and plenty of other helpful topics for anybody studying a tool.

Hi Music Theory

I have always wished to get my very own YouTube station and this past year I started posting several videos going over a number of the kinds of examination questions that may develop in ABRSM examinations.

In every video, I discuss how I’d approach answering an audio concept question and a number of the items to keep an eye out for.

I will be adding more in 2020 also so in the event that you have some requests of themes to cover only allow me to know.

Michael New

Michael New’s YouTube station is fantastic and diverse in the subjects it covers.

He replies with plenty of certain queries which you may have and instructing how rhythm functions, studying music, and stability.

Certainly worth checking out if you’re a pupil. Well clarified, some great notions about practicing and addressing nerves also.

Adam Neely

For the more innovative music theorists, I had high, highly suggest Adam Neely and his youtube station.

He is a content machine, and it has published well over 300 videos covering all kinds of subjects from music theory to copyright infringement.

It is definitely about the advanced aspect of audio theory and I am a routine watched of his movies and lots of it goes over my mind on first seeing but he describes things in a really succinct, albeit quickly-paced manner that’s engaging and enjoyable to observe.

Summing Up Music Theory On YouTube

To sum the stations I have mentioned previously, YouTube is a wonderful source for revision and cleaning up your knowledge on particular music theory issues.

It is not however the very ideal substitute for a dedicated music instructor or a class or book that walks you through the order.