Multiple Ways of Eliminating Earworms

You may have probably experienced LSS or the Last Song Syndrome. This is otherwise called as Earworms too. Regardless of how you call them, these are small fragments of music that’s repeating to your head over and over again. Most of the time, it’s the song’s chorus or refrains that you frequently hear in your head.

As a matter of fact, a research conducted regarding this subject reviewed the existing surveys of individual’s methods to deal with earworms. With the research, it has been found out that among the effective approaches is by simply listening to the entire tune. Participants stated that they are actively engaging with offending music. They are either signing or humming it, figure out the title and artist’s name or sometimes, listening to the entire song rather than the unwanted snippet.

Say Goodbye to Earworms

Of course, there are other ways on how you can eliminate LSS in your head. Read on to find out more about it.

Divert Your Attention to something Else

One thing you don’t know about our brains is that, it does not have the capacity to pay attention to multiple things at once. Therefore, any efforts of multitasking will be difficult to focus on each. Such limitations could be very helpful with regards to defeating earworms.

Some tested remedies are meditation, watching TV, reading and interacting with others. You can also browse the web as a way of diverting your attention. However, since promoters and marketing agencies are so good at promoting something by using link building services agency, such as songs – you may accidentally stumble on the song itself and play it unconsciously in your head.

Chew Gum

In another study, researchers suspect that chewing a gum may interfere with formation of auditory imagery that’s part of experiencing earworm.

Chewing may hinder motor programming that’s involved in speech articulation and as a result, it keeps individuals from sub-vocalizing or saying lyrics of the song in their head.

Just Leave it

Despite the intrusive and involuntary nature of earworms, research showed that people do not mind them at all. Another study discovered as well that earworms are more likely to happen on “liked” songs than on “disliked” songs. If you happen to enjoy your internal soundtrack, the best that you may do is to sit back and just enjoy. Sooner or later it will be gone naturally.