Music In Solar Power Generator Online Shop

Christmassy background music often accompanies you when you go shopping, especially at Christmas time.

Retailers have had decades to refine their system of customer seduction. Studies have shown that today you make 70 percent of your purchasing decisions in the supermarket yourself, no matter how accurately and purposefully you as the consumer have prepared your shopping lists beforehand.

Supermarket chains are spending large sums of money to research how customers can be manipulated while shopping in an unobtrusive manner. An effective means for this is the right music. A current study has confirmed this again. The strategic use of music should increase customers’ willingness to pay. Theoretically, this could also apply to solar power generator test (Solarstromgenerator Test) online shops, even if music has so far hardly been used strategically in e-commerce.

Music ensures longer stays in the shop

Compared to stationary retail, the possibilities of an online shop in terms of customer temptation are limited. The oversized shopping trolley, which is intended to tempt people to make more purchases in the supermarket, does not serve this purpose as a virtual version in online retail. The predetermined, optimal shopping route, through which customers are systematically lured into the supermarket, is very difficult if at all, to implement in the online shop.

However, online trade could discover the use of music for itself. According to what is known as sensory marketing, it creates a pleasant atmosphere when shopping. In the best case, this results in a longer stay, whether in the online shop or stationary trade. And longer stays, marketers predict, mean more purchases and spending.

Retailers should be aware that background music, which is usually chosen intuitively, can also have a specific influence on consumers. However, music should not attract attention too much through volume or other aspects, otherwise, the marketing effects would be lost.

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Music as a background is still rare in solar power generator online shops

However, background music is apparently not used at all by online shops in comparison to brick-and-mortar retail. Perhaps also because there are very few studies on this topic in e-commerce. Another of the few studies that have looked at online shops and the effect of background music on purchasing behavior comes from the Institute of Business and Management in Taiwan. Here, too, the researchers came to the conclusion that music would have a positive effect on purchasing behavior.

Some online shops already instinctively rely on music when they advertise individual products with product videos. Perhaps there will also be one or another online shop with virtual in-store music in the future.