Tips for a Successful Instagram Account for Musicians


Here is the definitive guide to growing your Instagram following and mastering hashtags, and learning about the tools that will make your job simpler, highlight your originality on the site, and compensate for any inspiration gaps at a time when having a social media presence is crucial for artists.

1. Create a compelling visual identity to attract new fans
Excellent Feed
Your Instagram user’s mosaic ought to be cohesive. Find a unique concept that helps you stand out from the crowd and compels potential followers to follow you the moment they access your profile.

Continue to be yourself
First, you need to decide what you want to pass on as an artist in order to attract followers on Instagram. Is how you look important? Then don’t be afraid to organize a picture session from which you may draw inspiration for your Instagram posts as you go along.

Prefer quality over quantity.
It may sound obvious, but it’s preferable to have a small number of high-quality images rather than many low-quality ones. Consider the subject, frame, light, and, most crucially, the message. What’s the point of this picture? A new album, a video, or just a (wonderful) reminder of a live performance? The subject matter will change based on the objective.

2. Complete your Instagram account.
Make a schedule for your posts.
Having said that, the Instagram algorithm gives importance to content flow. Instead of feeling pressured to share that embarrassing old photo of you from 2015 with your greasy hair, feel free to plan out your posts in advance by using a calendar. You’ll be able to develop a certain logic in your Posts on Instagram, keep track of the major posts (concert schedules, album releases, etc.), and produce well-organized material for your followers as a result. You may establish your own rhythm or adhere to current trends like #TBT (Throw Back Thursday).

3.Be Innovative
You’re a fantastic guitarist and musician, but did you know that you’re also better at baking? You can share that type of information with your followers in moderation. To engage with your Instagram followers, you might occasionally offer additional details about your personal life.