Music : The Most Effective Tool in Connecting Customers to Car Brands

Car makers are known to link music to their brand as a way to build loyal relationships and without need to relentlessly push the brand in front of customers. As a marketing concept, music instills the four core concepts of music branding, namely: engagement, emotion, experience and exclusivity.

Many car owners automatically play their music while driving, which can keep the driver and even his passengers engaged. A lot of personal experiences transpire while driving or riding in a car, which can all come rushing in once the related music plays. Often times, the experience and the emotions are exclusive to the car owner as they are embedded somewhere in the lyrics of his favorite songs.

Marketers are aware of car brands being mentioned in songs that stick to the mind. Brand campaigns using music have been so effective for decades that they never fail to be effective in creating meaningful connections to automotive brands.

Examples of Promotional Music Videos for Car Brand Campaigns and Toyota collaborated on a promotional video for Lexus SUV, using the artist’s “Dreamin’ about the Future,” which was published in Toyota’s YouTube Channel. The advertising campaign was actually Toyota’s strategy in shifting its focus of attracting millennials, the generation of buyers who prefer video gaming over playing golf.

Toyota entered into a different kind of partnership in using music as link to car consumers, this time with Pandora, a homegrown music streaming industry based in Oakland, CA. A Toyota branded segment in the Pandora platform, titled as Toyota Session, enable Toyota to customize music choices as playlist and at the same time feature songs that emotionally connect the Toyota brand and music fans.

Toyota Sessions also stream audio of in-depth interviews featuring emerging artists. Through the platform, marketers are able to gather insights about music fans, which at the end of the day, will become in developing features preferred by potential car consumers.

In earlier years, Brian May, the British rocker known for writing songs for Freddie Mercury and Queen, was commissioned to compose a song specifically for Ford.

The rounding rock song “Driven byYou” was originally for a Ford TV commercial released in 1992, and is now recognized as Ford’s theme anthem.

One of the most successful ad campaigns was that of Chevy and its use of Bob Seger and his Silver Bullet Band’s “Like A Rock.” The song was a commercial succes as the lyrics fitted the campaign, which Chevy used in selling its trucks from 1991 to 2004.

Toyota Faces Tough Competition vs Tesla in California

California holds the record for the most number of vehicle registrations; totaling about 14.2 million vehicles out of the more than 30 million registered cars in the most populous states of the country. Although Toyota Camry currently dominates the registration number with a total of 61,599 units, Tesla is now the fastest selling brand and is expected to take the lead once the Model Y surpasses its current total of 60,394 units.

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