Spotify Unveiled Colorful Music Contents In Celebration Of The LOL World Championships

‘Spotify’, an audio and sound streaming platform, presented a variety of music-related content for music and e-sports fans to commemorate the ‘2021 League of Legends World Championship. Everyone is excited about this year’s World Championship which will take place in North America.

Burn It All Down (ft. PVRIS) | Worlds 2021 – League of Legends

Spotify collaborated with ‘Riot Games’ to focus on ‘Burn It All Down’ by the American rock band PVRIS, the theme song for the ‘2021 Worlds’, for music and esports fans around the world. Now, LOL fans are looking forward to LOL Worlds 2022 theme song.

Spotify Launched An Interactive Microsite For LOL Fans

Spotify launched an interactive microsite. The site illuminates the storyline and music video featuring one of the main characters, along with the production process of the theme song and behind-the-scenes stories, as well as the Korean team ‘Damwon Kia’ pro gamer ‘ShowMaker’ Heo-su.

In addition, by browsing the site, you can check interesting information about the showmakers, as well as three professional players, Rekkles and JackeyLove, who represent regional leagues such as European LEC and Chinese LPL. You can also discover the songs they have curated for each situation and create your own Worlds playlist by linking with your Spotify account.

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Access The Global Interactive Microsite On Your Desktop

This global interactive microsite, presented with Riot Games, can be accessed on desktop and mobile in 178 countries where Spotify is servicing, and the language can be set in Korean, English, and Spanish.

In addition to this, Spotify introduced the ‘League of Legends Official Playlist’ through the ‘League of Legends Official Hub’. The official global playlist, which consists of songs selected by regional league teams, includes music sources by Korean artists recommended by Korea’s Damwon Kia, T1, Gen.

What Would It Be Like For The 2022 League of Legends World Championship?

The 2022 League of Legends World Championship will be the tenth edition of the tournament.

The games and events are getting bigger and better each year. The 2022 World Championship will be a spectacle to behold, with a $1 billion prize pool, making it the largest esports event in history.

LOL fans all over the world are looking forward to the 2022 LOL World Championship. While fans are getting busy with their own game using league of legends scripts, they are waiting for the next LOL theme song of this year’s championship.