Songs to Listen to When you Are Sick


It´s more likely that we have a lot of rituals whenever we get sick. We either stay at home binge-watching on Netflix, listening to good old songs, or munching on comfort food. Well, it´s not time to get guilty for such pleasures, we all have the reasons in the world because we are not feeling well.

Well, obviously music plays a vital role in the recovery process. Whatever music that allows you to relax and feel comfortable aids in helping you in your recovery. However, not all music is healthy, you also need to ensure that your playlist is healthy.

Today, let us help you out in finding the right healthy playlist.

Everybody Hurts by R.E.M

¨everybody hurts… sometimes¨ definitely the kind of music you need to help you in your recovery music. It´s the same thing as saying, it is okay to feel unwell sometimes, it is okay to feel not okay sometimes. And that sometimes it is not all rainbows and cupcakes.


Fever by Peggy Lee

Indeed, sickness in its truest form. Well, if you are wanting to listen to a song that basically talks about having fever and cold or any health dilemma, this should be it.


Dramamine by Modest Mouse

Dramamine is actually a pharmaceutical name for a medicine, I mean it exists. It stops all the dizinnes, and nausea. The only thing here now is that it is more likely expressed in a song rather than in a pill.

Final Thoughts

Above all the things that I have mentioned, the most effective songs to listen are the songs that you really like the most or the songs that you find relaxing and calming. Indeed, it is no one song fits it all.